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About Us

Our Company

CHC Biowood Sdn. Bhd. (987420-U) is one of the appointed agent in Malaysia to supply GRM WPC. CHC Biowood product line covers a wide range of composite wood products ranging from composite wood pellets, flooring, decking, ceiling, louvers, cladding, wall panel, screening, street furniture, railing series. We also produce custom design base on your requirement. We specialised in providing solution for DIY market, Building System and Constructions. CHC Biowood WPC products are easy to install and maintain.

What We Offer

Through CHC Biowood products, we are committed to redefine the concept of value in construction and remodelling industries by providing smart, efficient and healthy alternatives to conventional building materials.

CHC Biowood WPC Usage & Applications: Internal Panelling, Cladding, Ceiling, Flooring, Decking, Screening, Facades, Louver, Pergola, Trellis, Fencing and Street Furniture

CHC Biowood 手工制作的生态木质品是采用60%松木外皮磨成的木屑,混合40%的塑料混合物制成。CHC Biowood 的木质品的強项卖点是不怕水、不怕被白蚁侵蚀、不含毒性、阻燃以及不会腐烂,发霉等让消费者全無后顾之憂。

CHC Biowood 的木制品的木质伸缩性非常高,可以曲折和弯曲。CHC Biowood 以木塑手工打造的木质家具、产品让人感觉温馨,犹如投入大自然的怀抱。