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CHC Biowood

CHC Biowood is a Wood PVC Composite Product. Like similar applications of natural wood products, CHC Biowood provide the beauty of natural timber appearances that have slight visible colour tone and hue differences across CHC Biowood. CHC Biowood also simulate the grain, grow rings, and many other visual characteristics of timber.

Product Features

CHC Biowood composite products behave like wood and can be shaped using conventional woodworking tools but also provide the additional benefit of being moisture and rot resistant. CHC Biowood product are usually preferred over natural wood in many applications due to certain comparative advantages such as: Anti-Termites, Water Resistant, Fire Retardant, Environmental Friendly, Recyclable, Mold & Mildew Resistant and Non-Toxic.

***Wood PVC composite , 60% pine tree wood dust with virgin PVC n other materials. These are green products.


Fire Test GRM1